Harness Your Marketing Magic


Effective marketing strategies and solutions for soul led female businesses

Harness Your MARKETING Magic


Effective marketing strategies and solutions for soul led female businesses

Enjoy the CLARITY of an aligned & effective MARKETING STRATEGY
Embrace your inner CEO & love running your business with EASE!
Learn to do the right things, NOT all the things!
Operate in FLOW, reclaim your time & banish the fast track to burnout

Fed up, you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be working?

Perhaps researching marketing strategy has left you feeling out of your depth and confused?
You’ve tried to replicate what seems to have worked for others but it simply doesn’t cut it?

Imagine the cost of being exactly where you are in a years time

Without nailing a marketing strategy businesses are putting themselves at risk.
A loss of confidence and faith see some return back to the 9-5 they’d escaped, this simply doesn’t need to be the case!

If you need help to nail your Marketing Strategy, you’ve reached the right place!


Every business is unique, there is no one size fits all Marketing Strategy.
These MARKETING STRATEGY PACKAGES have been specially designed to SUPPORT & HELP you build a thriving brand and business, suitable for wherever you are in your business journey.


I want you to know that you can build a profitable & sustainable business on your terms – you just need to know how


So how can I help you grow your business, get consistent clients and build revenue?


Simply choose which Marketing Package suits your business and marketing needs best, and discover how and where you can really make a difference. If you’re unsure what you need, let’s talk

Valuing yourself enough to INVEST IN YOURSELF and your business is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Hello, I’m Gurjinder Bhogal

Marketing & Business Strategist For Female Entrepreneurs

The long hours, loneliness and stress of doing everything yourself for your business is something I know well!

After 20 years in the corporate marketing world, then as a multi-income stream business owner and now as a ‘mumpreneur,’ I’ve experienced it all.

During challenging times, it’s more important than ever to feel confident about the way forward to be able to build a business that allows you to create a balanced life that allows you to have time for fun and experiences with loved ones.

Helping hundreds of women struggling with their businesses to diversify, pivot and to stay in business, even turning expensive hobbies into fully-fledged, successful businesses has been my privilege and passion.

I never want to see a woman in business fail…


From my clients

Your success is really my success!
See how some of my clients have been helped and check out their stories to see what’s possible for you to achieve.

“I started working with Gurjinder at the beginning of the year when the  pandemic hit and hit the Asian Wedding Industry.
This year was going to be one of our biggests yet, with over 15 weddings postponed/cancelled and all the plans we had in place we needed to pivot and pivot fast. Gurjinder worked so hard and was so passionate!”

Rohita Pabla

Rohita Pabla Wedding & Events & The Brides Club

“Gurjinder is amazing person she has helped me so much in my business. This year has been a difficult year but she made me see the light at the end of the tunnel. With giving me endless ideas of how I can go forward with my business and achieve my goals. Because of her i tripled my revenue this year. Gurjinder what amazing women you are for helping me achieving my goals. Thank you”

Deepak Bhambra

Deepak Couture

Reality Check: There is no “Quick Fix” that will suddenly make you money overnight – You need to DO THE “RIGHT” WORK!

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